Last Chance for Niblet Nominations

July 2, 2009

Niblet Nominations are now CLOSED.

Enjoy perusing these links over the weekend, and the voting will commence on Monday!

Best big blog:

By Common Consent
Feminist Mormon Housewives
Millennial Star
Mormon Matters
Seriously So Blessed
Times & Seasons

Best group blog:

The Exponent
Faith Promoting Rumor
Juvenile Instructor
Mormon Mentality
Mormon Metaphysics
New Cool Thang
Zelophehad’s Daughters

Best solo blog:

Green Mormon Architect
Hieing to Kolob
Keep A Pitchinin
Life on Gold Plates
Mormon Insights
My Religious Blog
Mormon Organon
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Seriously So Blessed
Soy Made Me Gay
Temple Study

Best new blog:

The Apron Stage
Depressed (But not unhappy) Mormon Mommy
The Faithful Dissident
Irresistible (Dis)Grace
Keep A Pitchinin
LDS Philosopher
Mormon Heretic
Mormon Insights
My Religious Blog
Red Brick Store
Seriously So Blessed
Soy Made Me Gay

Best blog layout/graphics:

Dave’s Mormon Inquiry (2008 version)
Millennial Star
Mind, Soul, and Body for the striking photo by Anne Geddes, unknowingly copyrighted, which the author does not have the heart to take down from his completely and totally uncommercial blog.
My Religious Blog
Nine Moons
Seriously So Blessed
Temple Study

Best commenter:

Bored in Vernal
Brian Duffin
David H.
Kevin Barney
Marc Bohn
Margaret Young
Mark IV
Roasted Tomatoes
Sister Blah 2
Steve Evans
Thomas Parkin

Most memorable comment:

DKL comment #36
DKL speaking to a troll comment #170 and comment #182
Russell Arben Fox comment #54
Ruth comment #72
Ryan comment #19
Steve Evans comment #994 on “Police Beat Roundtable #10”
Steve Evans comment #23
TStevens comment #18

Best overall blogger:

Andrew Ainsworth
Andrew S.
Ardis Parshall
Bored in Vernal
Devyn S.
Julie M. Smith
Kevin Barney
Margaret Young
Nate Oman
Steve Evans
Steve P.

Best humorous post:

Amri Brown’s “Serious Thoughts on the One Exception to the No Facial Hair Rule
Andrew Ainsworth’s “What Children Know
BCC’s Police Beat RoundTable #10
Burgess “Not Your Ordinary Grounds Crew Poetry
Burgess “Yeah, I’m that Poet You Kind of Remember
Burgess “Let the Men wear Sideburns!
Caroline “Ways NOT To Teach About Chastity
David’s “If God Were A Woman
Eric Nielsen’s series on the Secret Life of Earl Johnson
jamesbarjoseph’s “Nothing Wavering
Julie M. Smith’s “What the Smith Boys Said This Year
Kiskilili’s “The Legend of Patriarch Hollow
Mattsby’s “General Conference LOLcats
M*’s April Fool’s Day pages spoofing FMH.
Tamn’s “The Down-There Doc
ZD April Fools — “Renouncing the Philosophies of Women Mingled with Scripture
ZD Sunstone Program Parody
Rebecca J’s

Best Historical post:

Ardis Parshall’s 3 part “Codes and Cyphers in Mormon History” (also nominated “The Childless Ones,” “A Utah War Primer,”
Polynesians in the Desert.”)
Bored in Vernal “Populating Worlds: Joseph Smith’s Legacy
Bored in Vernal’s “A Mormon History Mystery
Christopher’s useful and important thoughts on Mormonism’s place in American historiography
David’s “Teaching About Racism (Including the Priesthood Ban) in Sacrament Meeting
Dichotomy’s “LDS Gay History Timeline
edje’s series of posts on the Galveston Hurricane of 1900
EmilyCC “Feminist Genealogy
Heidi Harris “The New Woman in Central Utah
Jared T’s “Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again
John Hamer “Book of Jasher
Mogget’s modernity and catholicism series
Mormon Heretic’s “Was Priesthood Ban Inspired?”
TT’s “The Terrible 90′s for Mormon Scholarship

Best spiritual post:

Andrew Ainsworth’s Dark Night of My Soul
Andrew Ainsworth’s “Why I Am Not A Disaffected Mormon
Andrew Ainsworth’s “What is Heaven? What is Hell
Ardis “I’ll Let God Keep the Records
Elizabeth’s “Everything I Need to Know I’m Learning In Divinity School
Eve’s “To Some it is Given: Knowledge, Doubt, Mercy
Gay LDS Actor, “God’s Love
Heidi Harris “And this time there will be no Angel
John Hamer’s “A Veil Runs Through it
Kevin Barney’s “Squareboy
Kristine’s “When Saw We Thee an Awkward Pre-Teen
Lisa’s “Hollow
Mraynes “From Mother to Daughter
Russell Arben Fox’s “Auld Lang Sin
SMB’s “Spoken Fatherhood: Communion and Community

Best doctrinal post:

AdamF’s “Never Lead Us Astray. And Dissonance
Andrew Ainsworth’s “Elder Wirthlin’s Last Message of Love
Andrew Ainsworth’s “The Ammon Approach
Joe Spencer’s “Jesus Christ, the Divine Redeemer of the World
Julie M. Smith “Is There Another Approach
Kiskilili’s “Fathers are Irreplaceable
Kiskilili’s “Inconclusive musings on gays in eternity
LDS Philosophers two conflicting Paradigms series
Lynnette’s “Repentance as a Response
Lynnette’s “Can Women be Exalted?
Secco’s “Uzzah Killed for Blind Obedience
TT’s “The Future of Heavenly Mother

Best current events post:

Tamn’s “Tamners Goes to Washington
Bryce’s Wall-e post
Jared T. “Summary of the 30th Anniversary Priesthood Commemoration held June 8, 2008 at the Tabernacle
Jupiter’s Child’s “BYU Religion Dean on Premortal Life
Matt B.’s incisive piece of social analysis about Utah and the greatest sport on earth

Best Prop 8/SSM post:

BCC’s Police Beat RoundTable
Caroline’s “What I would Say to my Bishop About Prop 8
Clint Martin’s “How to Support a Same Sex Marriage Ban without Coming off as a Tool
Clint Martin’s “My Secret Gay Agenda
Julie M. Smith’s “Blood on the Doorposts
Kaimi’s “Answers
Ray’s “When Moral Issues Become Political Issues
TT’s “Children and SSM: An Analysis of the Divine Institution of Marriage

Best Mitt Romney Post

Andrew S’s “Why Mitt Romney got Romney’d in the Election
Blake’s “Prop 8 Comment
Bruce Webster’s “Mitt Romney’s New Ward
Ray’s “Proposition 8 and the Presidency: A Week of Reviling
Scott B’s “Reasons this Mormon is Glad Mitt Quit

Nicest “Evil Villain”

Aaron Shafavoloff from “Mormon Coffee
Andrew from “Irresistible (Dis)Grace
Bridget Jack Meyers from “Clobberblog
Chanson from “Letters From Abroad
Christopher Smith from “Mild Mannered Musings
Todd Wood from “Heart Issues for LDS

Most blatant example of navel-gazing:

Jana’s picture of her belly-button
J. Max Wilson’s “A Critical Look at LDS Blog Portals, Parts 1-4
Lynnette’s “Using Human Reason to Think About God
Ray’s Farewell to the Bloggernacle
Seriously So Blessed
Nominating self for every Niblet Award: Steve Evans
What Mormons Like
Ziff’s Nacle numbers posts

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2008:

Tracy M’s intimate and candid details of her struggle with her husband’s unemployment.
Beginnings New, intelligent and meaningful helps for YW leaders
Today in the Bloggernacle / Bloggernacle Back Bench (Emily Jensen)
The addition of JA Benson at M*
John Hamer’s “The Miraculous Plates of Voree Examined
DKL’s political coverage
BCC’s Police Beat RoundTable
All the fun and laughs over at Myregisblog

Write-in category:

Most Missed: Mormon Stories
Most bewildering to people with no sense of irony: Seriously So Blessed
Who I wish would blog more often — Ashley Sanders at Project Deseret
Funniest Thread: In the Colonies the Stormtroopers are Starting to Lay Down the Law
Best chronicler of otherwise forgotten Mormon’s from history: Ardis Parshall at Keepapitchinin for her continuing stories of ordinary church members in often difficult circumstances.
Most Useful Blog: LDS Science Review
Best Numbers Crunching: Ziff
Best doctrinal blogger – Joe Spencer @ Feast Upon the Word blog.
Funniest post tile: “For I was an hungered, and ye shot me” (Kris Wright at BCC)
The blog with the most humble bloggers and commentators: M*
Best and most unique contributions to a discussion of presiding: the Three Weird Sisters, With Beards poetry (see comments #64 and #76)
Best Sideblog: By Common Consent
Best sidebar linksters: Marc Bohn and Kent Larsen
Unsung Hero: Doc


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  • a random John

    Most Memorable Comment:
    Steve Evans #23
    Ruth #72

    If I thought I had done anything worthwhile in the last year I’d nominate myself for something. I’m not especially humble, but I’ve not been an especially good blogger either.

  • Ardis E. Parshall

    Readers have nominated multiple posts by Andrew and Lynnette and me and possibly others, putting each of us in competition with ourselves in some categories. Rather than splitting votes among loyal readers, how about letting us choose which we would like to have represent us? If you will consider that, I choose “Codes and Ciphers in Mormon History” in the “Best Historical Post” category and ask that the others be deleted, with thanks to those who nominated them.

  • Bored in Vernal

    So glad you didn’t break your promise. (#73)

  • Geoff B

    More self-promotion for best humorous post: M*’s April Fool’s Day pages spoofing FMH.

  • Andrew S

    Let’s see…to get some underdogs in here…

    Best group blog:
    New Cool Thang []
    Mormon Metaphysics []

    Nicest “evil villain”: I second chanson (in case we need secondings)
    but I have to also put my own name in the hat: Andrew S.

    Best Mitt Romney post: gonna have to put my own name into the hat again: “Why Mitt Romney got Romney’d in the Election” []

  • DMI Dave

    To the Niblet ringmaster: While I’m flattered that DMI (the Typepad site) was nominated under Best Solo Blog, I’d like to withdraw DMI from that category as I have not posted any new material there since about October 2008 (posts after Oct. 2008 are just archived posts from other sites). However, I’m happy to leave it in the “Best Layout/Graphics” category, as I did a major template overhaul to the site a couple of months ago.

  • Batman

    OK, Ardis, we can do that, but we’ll have to do it here in the comments, since I don’t know how to track down some of these people. If any of the following would like to choose one of your multiple posts to represent you in the category, thus giving you a better chance for the win, speak now!

    *Burgess in the “Best Humorous Post” category
    *Bored in Vernal in the “Best Historical Post” category
    *Andrew Ainsworth in the “Best Spiritual Post” category
    *Andrew Ainsworth in the “Best Doctrinal Post” category
    *Lynnette in the “Best Doctrinal Post” category
    *Kiskilili in the “Best Doctrinal Post” category
    *Clint Martin in the “Best Prop 8/SSM Post” category

  • Batman

    DMI Dave:
    Did you notice??
    These are the 2008 Niblets. 2009 Niblets yet to come.
    Do you still wish to withdraw?

  • Hawkgrrrl

    DMI Dave, humility’s great and all, but the people have spoken. Can you really disappoint your adoring public?

  • Holden Caulfield

    Thanks for all of the links…..I feel like I’ve been given manna….don’t have to search for things to read for quite a while.

  • Steve Evans

    I am very, very glad that the BCC Sidebar got a mention. Statistically, it is the most popular aspect of our site.

    Also, thanks for the love re: Police Beat Roundtable. Not sure how many more of those we have left in us, but it’s been fun.

    I’d like to nominate Kevinf as best commenter. Consistently kind and commonsensical.

  • Scott B.

    My own Mitt post: []

    Best Solo/Best New Blog: (it’s criminal that it got no nominations)

  • hawkgrrrl

    I just want to add my endorsement of Police Beat Roundtable. That was sheer comic genious. Also, if you loved “The Down-There Doc,” you’ll really love this OP from The Onion:

  • Bored in Vernal

    Does someone want to hazard a guess as to Rebecca’s most humorous post at FMH?

  • Bridget Jack Meyers

    I would like to put in a nomination for Seth R. for best commenter.

  • TT

    I have a bunch of nominations in your spam catcher.

  • Bridget Jack Meyers

    I would also like to say that there is no way in hell Todd Wood is a better wolf in sheep’s clothing than I am. Everyone knows what Todd is, but people trust me to the extent that I’m guest-blogging at the #2 blog in the Bloggernacle.

    Soon I will shed my sheepish disguise and begin feasting on your tasty, tasty Mormon flesh.

  • Andrew S

    I second Jack. She’s lulling everyone into a carnal sense of security, so to speak, and That One Guy Who Left T&S In A Huff called here out as a veritable “albino anti”

    albino like a vampire who feasts on tasty, tasty Mormon flesh.

  • Bridget Jack Meyers

    Andrew, your comment made me giddy.

  • Hawkgrrrl

    TT et al – I’ve checked the spamcatcher (like a suncatcher but full of nude celebrities instead of sunlight), and I believe everything legit has been freed up. Please let us know if otherwise!

  • Seraphine

    I think TT’s nominations were in the spamcatcher on the initial Niblets thread (and his nominations there aren’t reflected in the nomination lists above).

    Also, I do have a question. In the past, blogs that were nominated for the best big blog weren’t eligible for the best group blog category, since this would give smaller blogs a chance to win (with the rationale that any big blog would win the group blog category as well because they’re bigger and have more fans). I’m fine with things either way (I’m not trying to cause any problems). But if you’re letting blogs nominated for the big blog category also be nominated for best group blog, you should probably make it clear, since this is not how things were done in the past. My guess is that some of the bigger blogs like FMH would have been nominated for best group blog, otherwise. Or, you should keep things consistent with past years to eliminate confusion.

  • Kaimi


    That’s what happens when you nominate and for best blogs. Try taking those ones out and resubmitting.

  • Andrew S

    hey! is a great historical blog about that polygamist sect’s base in texas.

    it was def. the hot-naked-ladies one.

  • Seth R.

    You might as well throw in a couple more for “nicest evil villain”:

    Christopher Smith from “Mild Mannered Musings”
    Bridget Jack Meyers from “Clobberblog”
    Andrew from “Irresistible (Dis)Grace”
    Todd Wood from “Heart Issues for LDS”

    Chanson is a nice pick, but at least make it a vote.

  • Batman

    Thank you, Seraphine, the panel is taking that under advisement.

  • Batman

    Sorry you were overlooked, TT, think I got them all now.

  • Ray

    Catching up, but –

    Amen, to #2 and #4. The April Fool’s Day spoof was epic, and we really shouldn’t have to split votes for Ardis – or anyone else who wants to choose one of their nominated posts.

  • Ray

    Holden, if we’re encouraging self-promotion (like that’s an “if” – *grin*), I link to great posts from the Bloggernacle archives each Tuesday and Thursday on my own blog ( There are more than a few dozen exceptional posts linked there, if you want to check them out.

  • Holden Caulfield

    Thanks, Ray. I’ll check it out. It’s much better when others do the cooking and all you have to do is eat.

  • DMI Dave

    Batman: wow, timewarp. Yes, withdraw DMI from the 2008 Best Solo category. I think I got it in 2007. One of the other fine solo blogs deserves the recognition and fame that comes with a Niblet.

  • Banned Commenter

    Best Mitt Romney Post — My post on his ancestry (“Forget polygamy …”) should be withdrawn. It was originally published at T&S in February 2007, although it shows up with a 2008 date after I transferred it to Keepa. Nice to know it was memorable!

  • Ardis Parshall

    {sigh} Okay. I’m outed.

  • Hunter

    I nominated one of Ardis’ less-favorite posts (I nominated “Utah War Primer). For the sake of giving her a chance at winning something, I’m happy to have you take it out in favor of her preferred nomination (re codes/ciphers).

    Cool that?

  • Ray

    A lurker just asked me to nominate the following post from my personal blog for the Prop 8 post. Yes, Ma’am. :)

    “Proposition 8 and the Presidency: A Week of Reviling” (I am having a problem with the link, so go to my blog and find it in the labels under “reviling” or in the calendar list for November 7, 2008. – That alone probably should disqualify it. *grin*)

  • a random John

    If the goal is to win then I can certainly see the logic in removing nominated posts. However if the goal is to make a list of what was great in 2008 to use as a resource for those that appreciate a “best of the bloggernacle” type of list, then removing posts from the list of nominations is something of a crime. Personally I don’t care who wins, I like to read the stuff that gets nominated.

  • Geoff J

    Why are the big blog and group blog categories overlapping? Seems like they should be different categories to me. (Although you might have trouble figuring out which blogs belong under the “big” category)

  • Ray

    arJ has an excellent point. Perhaps a compromise would work:

    If a particular author has multiple posts in a category, and if the total votes for those posts is greater than or equal to the “winner”, we declare co-winners.


  • Geoff J
  • Brother Matsby

    Hi. Not to be a jerk or anything. But could I withdraw My Religious Blog from the Write In category “Funniest blog not named seriouslysoblessed”?

    Other than that, I thank you all for the kind nominations.

  • moksha

    Anyone have a link for Andrew Ainsworth’s Dark Night of My Soul?


  • hawkgrrrl

    Dark Night of the Soul was marked private and is not available for viewing at this time.

  • matt b

    In history, I nominate Jared T’s brilliant dismantling of S. Michael Tracy’s “Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again,” the first part of which is here, as well as Christopher’s useful and important thoughts on Mormonism’s place in American historiography here, and David’s Teaching About Racism (Including the Priesthood Ban) in Sacrament Meeting, here.

  • Elizabeth

    I would like to nominate for best group blog A Motley Vision ( and The Red Brick Store (

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