Vote Here — 2009 Niblets Awards

January 25, 2010

Voting is now closed.

Voting for the 2009 Niblets has begun.  You may click the selections to view the links as many times as you wish. Then make your final selection and click the “vote” button. Once you click the “vote” button on each category, you cannot change your vote.  You may make one selection for each poll except the last one; for the write-in category, you may choose up to three selections.  Each person may vote one time. Polls will close at the stroke of midnight on January 31st.

Here we go . . .

[poll id="101"]

[poll id="102"]

[poll id="104"]

[poll id="105"]

[poll id="106"]

[poll id="107"]

[poll id="108"]

[poll id="109"]

[poll id="110"]

[poll id="111"]

[poll id="112"]

[poll id="113"]

[poll id="114"]

[poll id="115"]

[poll id="127"]

[poll id="116"]

[poll id="123"]

[poll id="125"]

[poll id="119"]

[poll id="120"]

[poll id="121"]

[poll id="122"]


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  • Eric Nielson

    I couldn’t choose 3 in the write in.

  • Bored in Vernal

    Is this fixed now?
    Eric, or anyone who has already voted, email me your other two choices on the write in, if you want. at gmail

  • Tracy M

    I think I’m mortified that I’m nominated as a spectator sport rather than for a particular piece of writing… ;)

  • Bored in Vernal

    lol, Tracy. Let me just assure you that if your writing weren’t so beautiful or poignant, we wouldn’t be nearly so obnoxious…!!

  • Curt Conklin

    Neat contest

  • Madam Curie

    Whoa, I’m flattered for the nominations! Thanks!

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  • Kaimi

    Well done, Cheryl – thanks for your work in putting this all together.

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  • jjohnsen

    Wow, I’m surprised Nine Moons isn’t sweeping best graphics.

  • ed42

    Next year why not add a “Don’t care” line to each group?

  • mh

    regarding ed’s comment: don’t care.

  • Seth R.


    It’s our party.

    Those who don’t like it are free to shove-off.

  • Matsby

    I’m glad Bishop Higgins got the nomination. He’s got some really great stuff!

  • EmilyCC

    I love the reading material I glean from the Niblets. Thanks for putting this together!

  • Man SL

    Random votes, woot!

  • danithew

    I have not been a fan of the past efforts at doing this.

    But this is pretty freakin’ awesome. Nice work and kudos to those who are putting this together. It’s a ridiculous amount of work to review the output of the ‘Nacle in any given year and I’d be afraid to even think about trying to do it.

    I have quite a bit of stuff to come back and read in here. Thanks.

    Also, at least one of gst’s comments on that “Loving Hitler” post made me laugh out loud. Again. That alone made this whole thing worthwhile.

  • fMhLisa

    This is totally stupid, I hate all of you, especially that pushy BiV, and Ziff who is the meanest person I’ve ever met in my life. (I need some drama with my corn.)

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  • Reese Dixon

    Kevin Barney :shakes fist: I just can’t shake you!

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  • Kevin Barney

    Reese Dixon, I wish I knew how to quit you.

  • John

    no comment

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  • John C.

    People, I don’t get the love for JohnR’s excommunication which was neither heartbreaking, nor wrenching, nor joyous. It was inevitable, totally foreseeable, and somewhat pointless since he left the church long before it left him. Can someone explain the love it is receiving?

  • Bored in Vernal

    John C:
    Here’s my explanation…
    You may or may not “get it.”

  • John C.

    I responded there. I suppose I can see the the heartbreaking and the wrenching, but I don’t get the joyous.

  • Christopher Smith

    It appears it’s a clean sweep for Jack!

  • crazywomancreek

    “It appears it’s a clean sweep for Jack!”

    Whoa there! I am clearly gaining on the spaghetti-strapped-strumpet*. She’ll just have to find herself a new bloggernacle…

    *yes, Jack, you can use that :)

  • ryan

    chris H is the best commenter vote for him hes funny as well

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